Enlightenment – a journey within through service

Dr. H.P. Kanoria, Chairman of the Srei Foundation has been instrumental in keeping of the spirit of service to humanity alive.Philanthropist 2 He believes that ” Good management policies are not only about profitability or guarding interests of the Stakeholders or to be customer centric, but future centric, people centric, environment centric and above all value centric. As Managing Trustee of Srei Foundation, Dr. Kanoria has undertaken several social projects in different areas e.g. care for the poor (clothing, food, shelter, financial assistance etc.), medical assistance and support, free education to the underprivileged student, clean and green environment, public health & hygiene, rehabilitation of deprived & destitute people etc.

Philanthropist 1Dr. Kanoria is also the Chairman and Founder of the World Confluence of humanity, Power and Spirituality – The World Confluence is being was held with great success and acclamation for the last 9 years, first of its kind in the world with conglomeration for great issues on humanity, power (inner & outer) and spirituality. It is a worldwide mission to serve humanity and inculcate human values and acknowledging the contribution of great men for the society by initiating the Srei Samman Awards. A worldwide mission to serve humanity and inculcate human values and acknowledging the contribution of great men for the society by initiating the Srei Samman Awards. In this spectacular Confluence all streams of thought converge irrespective of religious persuasion, inclusive of all disciplines whether belonging to science or humanities, sacred or secular, social or cultural, political or economic, where distinguished luminaries share their thoughts and life’s experience, highlighting unity in diversity and diversity in unity. It remains the task of this confluence to bring home the values of Enlightenment in practise as Life’s journey within one’s own self and through love and service to the society at large. Philanthropist 4

As the Vice President of WBFUNA, he organised walk-a-thone in 2010 to celebrate World Diabetes Day. He had participated in several awareness programmes with Prof. Saugata Ray, M.P. and held campaigns in collaborations with different schools/organisations.

As the Pan India President, Dr. Kanoria has been engaged in social reforms, working against dowry, ostentation, “purdah pratha”, and in favour of widow marriages, education of girl child etc. Dr. Kanoria has actively participated during natural calamities by restoring the lives of the affected people.

Philanthropist 4Under the Chairmanship of Dr. Kanoria, Acid Survivors float:left;& Women Welfare Foundation India (ASWWF) purports to be the leading NGO in India for prevention of acid burn violence as well as for providing support services to survivors through a network of chapters and partners, by sharing knowledge, expertise and best practices. ASWWF plays an important role in Women Empowerment and Justice for Women / Acid victims. ASWWF acts as a forum for advocacy of acid related causes, endeavours to promote a social environment conducive to elimination of all forms of gender violence and espouses a firm legal basis for prosecution of offenders and prescription of national guidelines for treatment, aftercare and rehabilitation of acid survivors.

As chairman of Global Ethic Foundation India a joint initiative of SREI Foundation and Global Ethic Foundation, Tubingen, Germany, spreading the message of Global Ethics through dialogue of religions and cultures, education in values transcending cultures, ethical and inter-cultural competence in business and international policies anchored in law and ethics. All these for inter-religious harmony and long lasting peace.

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