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He is the Editor-in-Chief of “Business Economics”, a premier global fortnightly comprehensive and inclusive magazine which is published highlighting National and International issues since 1995.

Business Economics, following its credo of “exclusive and comprehensive” coverage, is one of India’s oldest and most popular business magazines. Aims to provide readers with an all-around perspective on topical and timely issues.

Business EconomicsBusiness Economics is one of the leading business magazines in India that features latest news and expert analysis on finance, economy, stocks, industry, agriculture, environment, technology, culture and spirituality.

BE started as a tabloid in 1995 catering to readers from the industry and academic and research institutions. As its popularity and reach increased, it was re-launched as a magazine in 2006. BE strives for independent and in-depth analysis and comes out with highly researched opinion pieces on economics, politics and the society. BE has gone beyond conventional business reporting to highlight issues that have expanded the breadth and scope of business ethics, practices and their impact like green economics, corporate social responsibility, qualitative development and social entrepreneurship.

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